[ toasty ]

[exhibit a] "Look Ma... No Dank!"
or "The Land of Miscreant 'Toons"

boredom + amiga deluxe paint iv + inside jokes - any illicit substances = |x|

©1993-94, GR and JB

...&Dave-01 AdmineralHKFlowerpot-01 Aniac-01 BensinHindu&Flask-01 CarrotTop-01 CharlesInCharge-01
...&Dave-01 AdmineralHKFlower Aniac-01 BensinHindu&Flask. CarrotTop CharlesInCharge
CookieOlympics-01 CrappyDoo&Chamois-01 Dookry-01-01 Exidork-01 FonZee-01 Graham-01
CookieOlympics CrappyDoo&Chamois Dookry Exidork FonZee Graham
Greeting-Card-01 Greeting-Card-02 IDontCare-01 Pea-Nus-01 Pea-Nus-02 PieceOfMind-01
Greeting Card #1 Greeting Card #2 IDontCare Pea-Nus #1 Pea-Nus #2 PieceOfMind
RaisinNut-01 Scabworth&Scotch-01 Soupy&StockPile-01 SrEyeDrop&Fiends-01 Terriers-01 Terriers-02
RaisinNut Scabworth&Scotch Soupy&StockPile SrEyeDrop&Fiends Terriers #1 Terriers #2
Terriers-03 Terriers-04 Terriers-05 Terriers-06 TheUnfortunatePez-01 TheUnfortunatePez-02
Terriers #3 Terriers #4 Terriers #5 Terriers #6 UnfortunatePez 1 UnfortunatePez 2
TreeReesun-01 TrumpyFanClub-01 Vargas-01

... don't forget your bonus animation!
"What's This?"

TreeReesun TrumpyFanClub.. Vargas
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