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While this spot collects more cobwebs (for now), please check out my MySpace page. Thanks!



More info added on new CD release... keep checking in please.

( the pods vs. the sods... the final battle... who's makin' the popcorn? )


Okay... new, simpler, cleaner, more focused site is REALLY coming soon now! This older version will still be here to poke fun at too, but check out the new index page for info on a <gasp!> CD release that you can purchase from here right friggin' now! =)

More to follow in the next few weeks… no bullshit THIS time!

( RIP to the many who've been murdered to line the pockets of the few…
fuck bush and kerry and their moms… time to bring back the guillotine, biotch!!! )


Ooooooh this ain't good! But really it is… after a long break, I'm back to work… in the process of updating/simplifying this place… will also have CDs fulla beats for sale and some new snips of new shits… stay tuned, I swear!

Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Hip Hop Slam CD WAR (if it feels good, do it!) presented by MC Dubya vs. DJs of Mass Destruction (release date is Novemeber something-or-other). It'll have five Amiga beats with skratches of the Puppet in Chief's newspeak by DJ Pone of '89 Skratch Gangstaz, among amazing songs from many other artists all ridiculing that bitch Bu$h and his fellow whores at Fux Nooz… but in a FUN way!

( governor schwarzeNAZI?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!? )


Again with the music thing…

( bring our troops home NOW... let them deal with OUR OWN facist regime!!! )


Different day, same shit(down = [NEW!])… grabbag = herefake mp3 streaming is finally in (shoulda done it LONG ago).

( george w. meatpuppet = terrorist )


Few more newer (rough) songs added to this page (scroll down and look for the [NEW!] things)... plus a handful of other things thrown in here (remember to click on "Last modified" twice to sort from latest to oldest additions).

( the "kidd-303 makin' me glitch speemix" is a joke, btw... haw-haw... =P )


Huh... an actual finished song... with an actual release date... a bit of refried beats with some scratch spice to liven it up a bit... check it out right about here!

Oh yeah, and have a peek at a gallery of photos I took at the January 18, 2003, San Francisco Anti-War Rally… it was fucking GREAT to be around so many creative and diverse people who are just as angry and scared and frustrated with the collective toilet our world is being driven into. FUCK BU$H, Inc.!

More soon... for reals this time tho…

( "he's been sacked… how many more times?!?" )


Ok... finally got married (yay)... brought the Amiga out of retirement (OctaMED)... put some new songs and snips up (this is a link to them)... this place needs a serious overhaul... maybe before 2003... hopefully before 2012... time for bed.

( "good evening... beep" )


Yaaaaaaaay, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... diff'rent visitors came to my site... that's greeeeaaaaat!!!

( ... ni want sum cotton candy!! )


Some new random shit in the grabbag.

( ... eat them up, yum! )


Quick update... "new" "random" "crap" in the "art" "section"...

Plus a couple new beats in the grabbag...

Stop whining!

( i want to buy a hot dog... )


Nice... three whole months of neglect to the day! New beats on the Music page ("Dinner for Breakfast (r1)") and a buncha shit in the grabbag. LOTS more dawgisht (ie, "downtempo" or whatever the fuck it's called today) stuff lately... fun, fun! Otherwise... =P

Dormancy is nearly over... maybe i'll get back to this place before 09-15-02 next time... stay tuna

( anyone wanna some graphics design? )


Couple new little things on the Music page... more to come... more to maybe even be completed(??)... you never know... uh... huh.

( lackin' the luster )


New shit added/moved around to the Music page and tossed in da grabbag. Finally finished some goddamn'd shit... a single... wow.

Also added some old Amiga / OctaMED pics to n'shit.

Not much to say... my fucking head hurts... more songs soon... need to re-do this whole site sometime... blaw blaw fuckin blaw... take your vitamins... legos!

( ... )


New/Not-New... "Twistnut (rough 1)" moved from the grabbag to the main Music page (about half-way down the list)... grabbag will be strictly small snippets/loops now... there's some newer stuff in there too... the more recent shit includes:

canis: "Bliznank(r3)", "AsparagusPee(lp1)", "TotalRipoff(sn1)"

dawgisht: "Crock-ola(lp1)", "Oakfunk(sn1)", "NunTooLoose(lp1)"

Jayare? & dawgisht: "MODCemetary(lp1)"

you won't do it anyway...

(sublinimalinimal advartizing)


Happy New World Order Year, everybody! ... or some other paranoid, hippy shit like that anyway. =)

Just a quick update note:

FINALLY got the goddamn'd 8-Out Expander for the samper, so now I really have NO MORE excuses not to make some decent mixdowns and actually finish some fuckin' songs. Expect some completed versions of songs in the near future.

In the meantime, new shit is still being tossed into the grabbag on a regular! Alot more "dawgisht" shit lately, too (meaning sub-135 bpm, tweaker shit). As always, any feedback I can squeeze outta you fuckers would be very helpful.

Also, this site is in desparate need of a re-design... but who knows when that'll happen. Whenever it does, expect some fat to be trimmed and some actual (dis-)content to be added.

Take it easy.

("clever hidden remark")


Cynicism grows like weeds... and no matter how much you try to trim it back, the roots just dig in a little deeper... so who the hell dumped the fuckin' Miracle Grow™ on me lately? ... But it's all good. =)

Love... exciting and new... grab some from the new grabbag o' lazitude!

<copied from the description (how's that for lazy?):>

"While trying to learn myself some new shit and get my mixdown skills up to par, i've been making a bunch of rough tester loops of new ideas... but due to [insert lame excuses], i haven't really made (m)any things past 16-32 bars. So, instead of feeling dumb for putting up a bunch of loops on [the music] page, there's now a directory fulla (usually) more recent shit.
As always, ANY honest feedback is greatly appeciated... especially concerning the mix!"

oh yeah... over a week late... I bring to you... a fuckin' pumpkin... thank you.

(fuck you, mr.mentalblock!)


As much as I'd REALLY like to just go off and express all of my thoughts and feelings about the current state of our planet, I fear that my usual off-the-head-rantings would probably be misunderstood... and now is not the time to go pissing people off without having some kind of "solid" grounding to stand on (well... unless you're hangin' with King George II, anyway). If you really want to know, I'd be happy to tell you... just not on here where I don't have the time to put things in some kind of "proper" context.

All I'd really like to say is... PLEASE... use your OWN feelings and logic to filter through all the bullshit that's being shoved down our throats and up our asses right now! Give consideration to ALL sources of information... no matter how kooky or corrupted it may seem... because you just may find at least SOME shred of useful info buried in there somewhere! Trust your gut... if it don't feel right, it probably isn't! Don't allow yourselves to be manipulated! NAP TIME IS OVER!

Not to sound all gloomy 'n' doomy, but if you really think this will all be over with some bombs dropped on ol' Osama and a few tighter US security measures (national ID cards, anyone?)... well, I dunno what to say... sweet dreams, lambchop! =)

Now, on a lighter note... through the courtesy of my Mom, I've added one of her and her sisters (and best friend's) songs that I feel is too good not to share... especially right now! Their group was called Sirens, and I basically grew up spending late nights playing with my toys while they made twisted music in their rehersal studio in West Oakland back in the early eighties (it took me a while to realize how fucking cool that really was!). Anyway, the song is called "John Brunner Sci-Fi" and was released as a 45 single in 1981. It's a happy little ditty about the upcoming apocalypse, and it's always been my favorite. Check it out!

As far as my own shit... you know the drill. I've been working on a lot of new shit lately, but nothing worth putting up just yet. Time is finally freeing up a bit, so hopefully I'll finally get off my lazy ass and put some effort into this dump. New music definitely... then maybe some art... who knows... I need to work on the Dawg Eat Dawg site too... fuckin' shit. Time to get crackin' fa'real!

Oh yeah... new webcam image! (Bet yer poopin' yer shorts in excitement, huh?)

Happy End-of-Times, ya'll! =)

(Shit... I hope I can finish a fucking song before 2012!)


Fixed a few broken things and added a handful of songs from the past few months. I wanted to re-mix/record them first, but fuck it... please lemme know what ya think of the ideas, at least.

Oh yeah... and the "weakly" webcam has been updated after, um... three months. YEEAH, we're on a fuckin' roll now, dammit! =P

(stay tuned)


Ok... I lied... this is SAD! Lazy fucker! Time to redo this shit... or at least fix some stuff... anything! No new music added yet, but it will be sometime soon (bullshit)...

Um... in other words... it's been a long fucking seven months. =P


Fuckit... a goddamn webcam... why the hell not? Will be updated at least once a week for my own simple minded amusement... shit, maybe it'll even be live sometimes... at least SOMETHING on here will get updated regularly.

(There... that'll bring in some repeat traffic for SURE! Muhwahwahwahaa!)


Mother H. Fucker... three months??? What a bastard! I know all one of you out there is disappointed, but this is MY personal dump... so HAW-HAW! Guess what?! NOTHING NEW! heh... Not this time anyway... just wanted to make sure it didn't look like I lost interest, as usual.

New songs will go up soon as I figure out how to do a proper fucking mix for once... plus, all will be streaming Real Audio, and most'll be under the alias "canis" (half to let "dawgisht" be more for the below 160bpm beats... and half because d'n'b folks don't seem to have the same ig'nant sense of humor about dumb names as i do.) Ah well... at least I can still keep all the "dawg" references no matter what (clever, or really lazy... you decide).

Damn... and I gotta get some "decent" art up here too so you don't think I just got my first copy of Photoshop or somethin'.

Have you looked at this crap, yet?


Oh yeah... a new song after four months. Lemme know what you think, please.


Mind is still gone... due back January 1, 2001.

Old shit being put to rest... then on to new shit... like adding old art and new songs... working on this crap... whutever. Added a bunch of old Amiga songs to music and random old unfinished crap to art. The procrastination continues.

Secret Word for 2001 is: Togepi! If anyone tells me the secret word, I'll be fuckin' amazed 'cause no one reads this shit. hehe. Happy Holidaze!


Um... well shit! Maybe I should get back to this thing... no excuse for letting things go for almost three months. =P   Anyways, at the very least, I think the Netscape-buttons things is sorted now (PLEASE let me know if something is busted. Thanks!)
Hmmm... four new beats... honest comments ALWAYS appreciated! I might do Real Audio streaming instead... still deciding. I hate Real Audio, but the .mp3s are too much for modem-foolios... least now the .mp3s are at 80kbps, so they're a bit smaller than before. Think I'll be putting more quickie snippets up too for fun... and that fucking sketchbook. Goddamn'd lazy bastard... get crackin'!
Hey! ... Put something rude in guestbook, punkass! Thank you... drive thru.


Ok whores... so I've been told my buttons are broken under Netscrape. =P   So shit... I'll try and figure out why everything works in IE and breaks in Communicator. If anyone has any ideas, shoot! Somethin'll get worked out by Monday... where's the friggin' Red Bull when you need 'im?


Hmm... most things are fixed... hopefully. New layout seems in place... which might mean some actual content'll get on here... or at least more of the same dumbn'shit. Whutsup Dave!


Another rough track... as always, please let me know what ya think. Broke shit did not get fixed this weekend. G'no! Also, Bed Rollox will be re-recorded less hot.


A new track... as always, please let me know what ya think. Broke shit will get fixed this weekend. G'yea!


Still fuxin' wit' the site layout... now we've got jigglybuttons, a deeper color background, easier navigation, css, etc... BUT, the change-over is in progress, so some pages will be old and broken for a minute. No new content yet... but there will be after the new layout is in place. This site looks best in Internet Explorer (yeah, yeah... fuck Micro$oft), but if it breaks in two under your browser, please email me with some info so it can get fixed.


Ah well... a bit of a site tweak is coming soon enough... I'm gonna quit promising more content until I really get some time to do it... tho there is a new track. Please let me know what ya think... I like it better than the others... and better yet I know what I need to do to finish it...


No more frames... but still working the kinks out. Things will break... life goes on... a <what?> more "positive" section... which is still pretty empty for now. Lots of tweaks... buttons maybe later.


Oookay... no more rampant self-effacism outta me... on this web site, anyways... well maybe a lil' bit. =) More "content" to be dumposited here next week... hmmm... sketchbook, more rough tracks (fight it... fight it...)... lots more ellipses... ... ... and thanks again! ... oh yeah, and no more frames and maybe some real buttons... and tons more pop-up porn banners so you can get busted by your co-workers again... ya friggin' freaks!

... oh yeah, "Next Up (rough)" is called "Moodswing (rough)" now (thanks for idea snifu)


Still have had no time to do what I REALLY wanna do, dammit! Ah well... maybe there'll be some actual work on this thing next week. New track is up, kinda fun... still tweakery... and only half-assed (as always). Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


Hey mang, guess what? This place is gonna get even butt-uglier as I tweak around with different stuff (no shit!). The colors still remind me of some knock-off Tic-Tac® candy I used to eat a looong time ago... so I guess I'll keep 'em like this for a little longer. Cleaned the "Dawg" logo up, and now you don't have to see/hear the intro everytime (it was pissing me off too!). Oh look... Pee-Body's up in the corner... he needs to quit talkin' smack! As soon as work slows down again, I'll get more art, music, n'shit up... but for now, at least all the sections have something new in 'em... and the guestbook is working (yeah, I know...)

... who the hell am I talking to anyway?? <grin>


Added two tracks to the music page... more tiny tweaks... gonna dump the frames soon and make a real layout. Do you hate the color scheme already? I'll be adding my oldschool sketchbook up here because scanning is easier than drawing... more tracks too... and if you like the 'F' word and irrational cynicism as much as I do, n'shit'll prob'ly become a hole to shove some anger into... or maybe it'll just be a catch-all for more stoopid stuff... dunno... I just hope no one I respect and/or work for goes in there (nothin' there yet, foo'!).


More tweaks and stuff... this will take a looong minute.


Finally gonna learn some got'damn'd html (that old mess from '96 doesn't really count, does it?). This place will be my dumping grounds for old n' new art, music, n'shit. Things will be added, updated, changed, mangled and disemboweled for a long time to come before I even tell more than five people about it... so check back next time you need a break from all that pr0n... lookit some art, music, n'shit... then email me and make me feel dirty for sharing this crap. :)

Luv + Kisses 4 U,
[ dawgisht ]


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